86-year-old taxi driver allegedly assaulted by East Boston dentist

An East Boston dentist is accused of attacking an elderly cab driver, according to police.

Massachusetts State Police say they were called to Transportation Way at Logan Airport just after 9 a.m. Friday, after the driver was allegedly assaulted and punched in the face.

Dr. Nicholas Franco of the East Boston Dental Associates was arrested for assault charges Friday.

The victim told Boston 25 News that Franco allegedly got out of a silver Mercedes and walked towards the cab, before pushing the 86-year-old driver to the ground and punching him several times.

“The guy came out and pushed me and hit me and I went down," Charles Touroyan said. "I was shocked, I couldn’t get up. I tried to get up and couldn’t do it, and that’s all.”

The victim also said his hat and glasses were torn off his head.

A witness took down the license plate number, and troopers tracked it back to Franco. When they showed up at his office to question, police say he told them the cab cut him off.

A State Police report says Franco admitted to grabbing the glasses "so that he could not see and would leave him alone."

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The report states Franco said he then tried to leave, but the cab driver came after him, so he pushed him.

State Police reviewed surveillance video, which they say supports the victim's side of the story.

Franco was arraigned on a charge of assault and battery on a person over 60 year old, and was released on personal recognizance.

The vitim says he was checked out at the hospital, but he went back to work after X-rays showed he had no broken bones.

“They took me to the hospital to check me out and I’m okay," Touroyan said. "Nothing broken, but my son tells me in the morning I’m going to be sore.”