74-year-old man faces off with intruder during attempted break-in

74-year-old man faces off with intruder during attempted break-in

A 74-year-old man faced off with an intruder during an attempted break-in in his Worcester home, police say.

The suspect was taken into custody down the street from the home, after allegedly crawling into the home in broad daylight.

Police say the homeowner's brave decision to stand up to the intruder helped to quickly make a positive identification, and give the neighborhood a win.

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Donna Cerasoli, a neighbor to the victim, said the incident brought along some fear, but said she and her neighbors are not ones to be messed with.

"It scares me, I have kids," Cerasoli said. "That's scary. I don't miss a trick around here."

Cerasoli applauded the 74-year-old man across the street for squaring off with the stranger, who he heard tiptoeing above him on the second floor.

"If they can be that brave, what will they do when you're sleeping?" Cerasoli said.

The homeowner not only went upstairs to investigate, but confronted the suspect and kicked him out.

"No one can be trusted," Cerasolid said. "Don't even think about coming to my house, you'll be in big trouble because my eyes are going to be open. Oh my goodness."

The intruder, identified as 24-year-old Christopher Durham, who police believe climbed up onto a porch to get in, made a running exit as he tried to escape before police arrived.

Officers then stopped him in his tracks just a few blocks away.

"I hope it's the last time this happens," Felicite Bertin said.

Police say Durham pushed an officer and squirmed away for a few moments before being restrained.

In addition to the trouble he's in for the alleged break-in, Durham also charged with assault and battery on a police officer.