72-year-old woman hit over handicap parking spot at Market Basket

A woman at a North Shore Market Basket left a gash on a 72-year-old woman's head after an alleged dispute over a handicap parking space.

The 72-year-old grandmother told Boston 25 News she was chased down and whacked across the head at a busy Market Basket parking lot moments after a minor confrontation over a handicap spot.

Elaine Moore-Ouellette had gone on a quick grocery trip to get some lunch meats for her grandkids when she and another woman had a brief confrontation over a parking spot.

Ouellette didn't think much of it, she said, until she was blindsided by a sudden blow to her head as she walked into the store.

"While we were in between the two doors she said something to me, I turned around this way and I got whacked on the side of the head," said Ouellette. "I said, 'I’m bleeding!' And two seconds later she says, 'I’m sorry you’re bleeding.'"

Police said the alleged attacker, 57-year-old Donna Rowe, whacked Ouellette with a wristlet just moments after their altercation in the parking lot.

Employees at the Market Basket took down the suspect's license plate before she ran off.

“I hope she’s alright," said Rowe. "I cared about what happened, the whole situation. She punched me in the face first. I don’t understand why people are like this at all, I came home and said, 'What if she had a gun? I would’ve been gone."

Rowe told Boston 25 through the door of her apartment that Ouellette was the one who got physical first, but when asked to elaborate she said she didn't want to talk about it.

Court records show she's caused trouble in the past. The store manager told police Rowe has a reputation for causing problems with others.

Danvers Police confirm this isn't the first time she's engaged in an altercation with another customer at the same grocery store.

Rowe is free on personal recognizance and must stay away from the Market Basket and the victim.

After icing her head and driving herself to the doctor, Ouellette says she's learned her lesson. If she ever senses friction with another driver again, she will remain in her car and leave right away.