• 700 & 500 pound tunas caught off Massachusetts coast

    By: Mike Saccone


    Three giant tunas were caught by fishermen off the coast of Massachusetts this past weekend, according to spectators. 

    Gerry Whelan shared pictures with Boston 25 News of what he said was a 715-pound tuna at Pemberton Point in Hull. A person on Facebook identified the man who caught the tuna as "Dereck from Hull," and said "Dereck" declined our interview request. 

    Amy Arpano Redfearn also shared pictures with Boston 25 News of two giant tunas she said were captured by separate boats. Redfearn said one of the tuna weighed 530-pounds. The tunas were photographed at Northside Marina in Dennis. 

    Redfearn didn't know who caught the tunas, but said they were taken away by Red's Best out of Boston. 

    Boston 25 News has reached out to Red's Best Fish Market & Eatery for more details on the tuna, but we've not yet heard back.

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