The 600-foot tower that could change Boston’s skyline

The 600-foot tower that could change Boston?s skyline

BOSTON — The first major change to Boston’s waterfront in decades could be coming soon.

Don Chiofaro’s developing company just submitted their official proposal to replace the New England Aquarium’s parking garage with a skyscraper.

Currently, the garage is seven floors tall, but if the proposal is approved, the public space would turn into a 42-story high-rise that would certainly change the city’s skyline.

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At an estimated cost of $1 billion, the 600-foot tower will certainly impact the view of Boston’s downtown waterfront.

“I thought it would be a good place to live," said Joan Donoghue. “When I first came here, there was nothing.”

Donoghue first moved into her fifth-floor apartment in Harbor Towers back in the 70s. She’s been watching the proposal for the skyscraper next door closely - because it really is in her backyard.

“People really want to make sure we get this right," said Don Chiofaro Jr. “This is an opportunity to do something really special in a very special location.”

Currently, the area sits several feet above the water line in the Boston Harbor, but the developer wants to make it even higher.

“Hold the ocean at bay and create public space that folks can access and also protect the properties behind it," said Chiofaro Jr.

But this isn’t the only proposal that could drastically change the city’s look. Recently, several major projects have carved their way into the city’s skyline. South Station will also be getting a new tower as part of a transportation hub overhaul.

Locals, however, say they will be asking a lot of questions before anything goes up.

“A 600-foot building, gigantic shadows, an enormous impact on the waterfront itself as well as making an area bound up by traffic that’s already somewhat impossible even worse," said Westy Edgmont.

There is still a long road ahead for the project. The next eight to 12 months will be focused on public input, the approval process and finalizing the design.