52-year-old man arrested after leading police on multi-town car chase

52-year-old man arrested after leading police on multi-town car chase

ASHLAND, Mass. — A multi-town police chase led to a crash and then the arrest of a Framingham man. Police say at one point the suspect was driving on two wheels as he tried to escape authorities, crashing into a cruiser before finally surrendering.

The chase began in Framingham and ended in Ashland on Wadsworth Road. That's where police took 52-year-old Jeffrey Beale into custody.

"I was just pulling out, so he was right behind me and just cut me off," said Ali Jenkins, who was driving in front of Beale shortly before his arrest.

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Beale found himself on a dead-end street as he tried to get away from an Ashland officer who was blocking him. Beale rammed the cruiser before the officer got out with his gun drawn.

"The Sargent exited his cruiser and ordered the suspect to stop and get out of the car," said Chief Vincent Alfano of Ashland Police. "At that point there was [a] standoff where the suspect was facing the officer on foot and the suspect was repeatedly revving his engine at a high rate."

Beale later told police a chilling message.

"I should have run that cop over," he allegedly said.

The incident began in neighboring Framingham after Beale ran a red light and would not pull over for police. He made his way to Ashland at speeds over 75 miles per hour as he sped down Jenkins' street and almost hit a man jogging.

"That gentleman was fortunate," said Michael Kelly, a neighbor. "He dove into our bushes to get out of the path of our vehicle."

Neighbors snapped a picture of Beale in handcuffs. Inside the white car, police found a dagger, a crack pipe and what appears to be stolen landscaping equipment.

Jenkins says she took cover with her kids until the scary standoff was over.

"I was watching and then the cop drew his gun, so we ran inside with the kids and watched the rest from the window," she said.