50-time convicted burglar wearing ankle bracelet caught red-handed

MILLIS, Mass. — Police in Millis say a convicted burglar wearing an ankle bracelet caught red-handed.

Millis Police say their officers noticed Eric Cupernell behind the wheel Tuesday acting suspiciously.

"As officers passed by they noticed the driver seemed to be looking down driveways at residences in an appearance of casing the area," said Katelyn Marden, assistant district attorney.

Soon after, they spotted his car parked and him leaving a house across the street. When officers told Cupernell to stop, police say he took off running through the woods and tossed something aside.

"They further observed him drop what appeared to be a pillowcase and small boxes, observed those scattered on the ground," said Marden.

Inside the pillowcase, police say they found a treasure trove of stolen jewelry and when officers searched his car, they found stolen plates, in an apparent attempt to fool police.

"They observed the New Hampshire plate was actually attached over a Mass. registration plate in order to conceal the vehicle's owner," said Marden.

But police say when they saw Cupernell was wearing an ankle bracelet, it was clear who he really was.

Millis Police say Eric Cupernell has a 14-page rap sheet and was serving a 5-year probation sentence when officers put him back in handcuffs Tuesday.

"He has 50 guilty convictions on his record and he’s done committed time on 26 of those," said Marden.

Cupernell pleaded not guilty in court Wednesday and is being held on $20,000 bail until his next date in February.