• 5-year-old girl dies after falling out of apartment window in Brookline


    BROOKLINE, Mass. - Brookline police said a 5-year-old girl has died after falling out of a window on the fourth floor of an apartment building.

    The young girl fell out of the window around 4 p.m. Monday, and police said they found a screen lying next to her on the ground below.

    “The child was laying approximately six feet from the side of the building. It’s a cement landing,” Brookline Police Lt. Phillip Harington said. 

    The young girl was taken to Boston Children's Hospital where died from her injuries.

    Neighbors said they're surprised an accident like this could happen.

    “That’s surprising to me that they could push through the screen because those screens are pretty good with that type of stuff,” a neighbor Stephanie Wengel said.

    One neighbor did tell Boston 25 News that some of the window screens in the building are old and rusty, and that most had been replaced recently.

    “Most of these windows come in big sheets you know and they’re placed in there. And it’s in the process of being done now,” John Gillis said.

    Police said the girl does live inside the building, but was playing with friends in another apartment where adults were present when she fell.

    The young girl's name is not being released at this time.

    Over the weekend, a 5-year-old child fell out of a seventh floor window in Quincy and survived

    Earlier this summer, a child in Chelsea also fell out of a window but survived after landing on his stuffed animal.

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