3-year-old boy left sleeping on school bus

Boy, 3, left sleeping on school bus

LAWRENCE — A 3-year-old boy was supposed to show up to school, only for his mother to find out her son was left sleeping on the school bus.

Wesley Santana knows all about his favorite toys, and spending time with his two siblings.

Monday morning, Wesley never showed up to prekindergarten at James Hennessey School in Lawrence.

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“I received a phone call from the bus driver around 9:56 a.m. to let me know the incident - that Wesley didn’t went to school,” said his mother, Maria Reyes.

Feeling numb, and panicking, Reyes said never even got a call from the Lawrence Public Schools saying that her son was absent.

“I was going crazy,” she said.

Reyes said the bus company is Safety Transportation, an outside company she hired to transport her kids to school. The bus driver told her he didn’t notice that Wesley was sleeping in the bus, “He missed him,” she said.

The school’s spokesperson told Boston 25 News:

We obviously take any matter of this nature extremely seriously, and are working directly with the family and the transportation company to determine exactly what occurred and resolve any issues moving forward.

Later Monday evening, the school’s principal showed up to the family’s house, making sure everyone was OK.

“This is unbelievable, this is a priority. They should’ve called me right away,” Reyes said.

The boy’s 9-year-old brother, Yoelvis, said: “I was scared. I almost lost my little brother.”

The spokesperson from the school department told us, the absent phone was never made possibly because of a computer that was down.

We called Safety Transportation three times, and no one ever got back to us.

Wesley, the 3-year-old, spent the day at childcare, and he was back to his normal self.

The investigation continues into why and how this happened.