• 3 people in Tewksbury arrested in 'major' drug bust


    TEWKSBURY, Mass. - 3 people were arrested in Tewksbury after police found more than $100,000 dollars worth of cash, cocaine and fentanyl.

    Wilson Soto, Yojanel Soto and Christina Richardson are all facing several drug-related charges.

    Police say it was a family business - and say the 3 were all working together to run a drug ring out of an apartment building on Ames Hill Drive.

    Along with the drugs and cash, police also found items consistent with the cutting and production of the product.

    There was also a 9-month-old baby living in the home. That child has been put into the custody of other relatives.

    Meanwhile, police are working to see if they can connect these drugs with any recent overdoses in Tewksbury or Billerica. They said in at least two cases, recreational cocaine users overdosed from drugs and were not aware that fentanyl was mixed in.

    "Very often, people have no idea what they are buying," Middlesex County District Attorney Marian Ryan said. "Things like heroin and cocaine are being used as a vehicle mixed with fentanyl."

    Police said additional charges are possible. 

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