25 Investigates: Quincy PD investigating State Trooper who hit house while driving on 3 wheels

QUINCY, Mass. — Following our story about an off-duty State Police trooper who crashed into a Quincy home while driving with a missing wheel, Quincy Police said it has launched an investigation into the Labor Day incident. A department spokesperson told investigative reporter Ted Daniel that Quincy PD is reviewing the actions of the responding officers and the trooper involved in that Manet Avenue crash.

As first reported by 25 Investigates, Trooper Kevin Keith lost a wheel – the front passenger tire and part of the axle of his Chevy Silverado – after hitting a guardrail on Sea Street in the early hours of Monday, September 6. After that crash, Keith, according to witnesses, continued driving on Sea Street without his front wheel causing “sparks” from the metal dragging on the road.

About a mile later, he turned onto Manet Avenue where he lost control of his vehicle. According to the police report from the night of the crash, “it appears” Keith took a turn “too tight,” [and] struck a parked car before hitting the Manet Avenue house.

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The official narrative makes no mention of the earlier guardrail incident or the missing wheel. It does point out that Keith suffered a head injury and was taken by ambulance. The owner of the Manet Avenue home said the crash caused upwards of $40,000 in damage.

25 Investigates asked Quincy Police if there was a record of the Sea Street crash or the missing wheel, since it appeared the same vehicle was involved in both crashes. Police Captain John Dougan told us no record exists.

Our team learned Quincy Police never interviewed Keith at the scene, at the hospital, nor at his home, and that there was no crash investigation until we started asking questions. We wanted to know if Keith’s blood work will be requested from the hospital where he was treated since that could rule out impairment. A Quincy PD spokesperson told us that is part of the review.

In addition, new dispatch records obtained by 25 Investigates reveal both crashes – the Sea Street guardrail collision and the Manet Avenue home strike – were put into the computer system as one call.

Trooper Keith remains on active duty, according to a state police spokesperson.