• 2 Walpole HS students arrested, charged with disturbing school assembly


    WALPOLE, Mass. – Walpole police will have an increased presence at schools in town Friday after two students were arrested and charged with disturbing a school assembly.

    Police said the two students referred to a third student as a “school shooter” and a second student mentioned Tuesday specifically. That conversation was overheard by others, who reported it to police.

    “There were kids in the vicinity, and overheard what was said. They let an adult know,” Walpole Police Chief John Carmichael said.

    During their investigation, police learned the student who had been called a school shooter had not made any threatening statements. 

    They later arrested the two students who were having the conversation. None of the students involved have been named, but police said the two who were arrested are charged with disturbing a school assembly and obstruction of justice.

    “With all that’s going on across the country with school violence, we had to take some action, and placed both under arrest,” Walpole Police Chief John Carmichael said. "They say that it’s jokingly, we have to take it seriously, in light of everything."

    Police said that while there is no threat against the school, they will have an elevated presence and their investigation will continue.


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