• 2 suspects arrested, 1 at large after shooting, armed robbery


    METHUEN, Mass. - Two people were arrested early Monday morning and another suspect remains on the loose after an armed robbery and shooting in Lawrence.

    According to the Methuen Police Department, three suspects were involved in an armed robbery, home invasion and shooting at the Attika nightclub in Lawrence.

    Police say Francisco Burgado mugged a couple at gunpoint at the nightclub and the couple fought back. A gun went off, shooting a bystander, and then Jonathan Colon allegedly jumped into the fight. Police say Colon later took off in a Mustang and a chase to Methuen ensued.

    Rich McCulley was at home reading when the police chase from to Methuen ended literally with a bang in front of his house when police say 32-year-old Colon crashed the Mustang into a utility pole, knocking out power to 30 residents.

    "Looking at the vehicle I was surprised that anybody even got out of the vehicle to flee but he appeared to be fine," said McCulley.

    When officers confronted Colon in Methuen, they say he bailed from the car and ran into bushes, allegedly threatened officers, saying, "Go ahead and shoot me! Go ahead and kill me!" He was Tased and taken into custody.

    Inside the Mustang, police found a gold chain from an armed robbery at a chicken restaurant in Lawrence earlier that night where the victim was pistol whipped by two suspects.

    Both Colon and Burgado of Manchester were arraigned in Lawrence District Court Friday.

    Officers are still searching for the third suspect in the fight.



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