2 delivery drivers carjacked, robbed within same week in the Merrimack Valley

2 delivery drivers carjacked, robbed within same week in the Merrimack Valley

METHUEN, Mass. — In just one week, two delivery drivers were carjacked and robbed in the Merrimack Valley.

The most recent incident happened on Tuesday night in Methuen, where police say two teenagers set the driver up after placing an order over the phone to Mano's Pizzeria.

"He was very scared, he said they robbed him and when he said that, I got this feeling of anger and I was shook because I never thought that would happen to such a good person," said Juan Fernandez, an employee at Mano's Pizzeria.

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According to police, the teens have been targeting delivery drivers, but say they are investigating to see if the second incident is also gang-related.

Fernandez, who was working when the shop took an order out of Lawrence, says his co-worker left to go make the delivery. That's when police said the masked, unarmed teens carjacked the driver, taking his car, a Honda Civic, and his tip money.

"They stole his vehicle, they took his money, the pizza, they took off in the car," said Methuen Police Chief Joe Solomon.

Police chased the stolen Honda from Lawrence to Methuen when they say the suspects crashed into a stone wall on Carlton Street. Officers sustained minor injuries during the foot pursuit that followed.

"The two officers split up and conducted a chase, but suspects were arrested both officers had to jump over a fence," said Chief Solomon.

The incident comes just days after a similar attack involving teens where police said a Domino's delivery driver was assaulted with a gun, robbed and carjacked. Officials said they believe that attack to be gang-related and are investigating whether or not the carjackings are part of gang initiations.

In the meantime, delivery drivers told Boston 25 News they're now going to be watching their backs while on the job.

"It’s an eye-opener because I never thought that could happen and now I’m more cautious when I go to a dark house or new house I’m always calling before I get out of the car, make sure there’s light and visibility," said Fernandez.

Methuen Police said the two suspects are both 16 and 17 years old and from Lawrence.