Pair of brush fires burn along Rt. 24 in Stoughton, impacting Friday traffic

Pair of brush fires burn along Rt. 24 in Stoughton, impacting Friday traffic

STOUGHTON, Mass. — Two brush fires burned along the southbound side of Route 24 in Stoughton on Friday, slowing traffic during rush hour.

Sky25 flew over the area where smoke and flames could be seen in two different sections of the highway. Firefighters knocked down the pair of brush fires on Friday evening. .

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"One of our biggest challenges is waterm since we only carry in our initial engines 750 gallons," said Capt. Brad Newbury of the Stoughton Fire Department. "So we had to use multiple engines to get enough water to the highway since there are no close hydrants there to lay a supply line."

The fire was in Avon right across from the Jordan’s Furniture, but firefighters from Stoughton helped. The Forestry Department also came to help clear trees.

"The grass is really dry out there although it is marsh underneath," Capt. Newbury explained. "The top, the reeds burned really quickly, and since it was dense it moved really quickly."

We weren't under a red flag warning Friday, but this fire highlighted the risk for brush fires that remains.

Earlier this week, firefighters on Nantucket battled a brush fire they believe was likely started by cigarette butts.

Thursday a large brush fire came dangerously close to homes in Wenham; that fire took hours to put out.

And it will take more than just rain to reduce the risk.

"Because these trees are so bare right now, we don't have the leaves and bushes, they aren't quite green just yet," explained Boston 25 Meteorologist Vicki Graf. "It doesn't take much to cause a spark to cause a fire to spread faster, especially with a light breeze."