Naked woman escapes Lynn home during domestic attack, fire

LYNN, Mass. -- Investigators in Lynn are piecing together a domestic situation that included a violent assault, a fire and the rescue of several pet pigs.

It happened on Glenwood Road shortly after 8 p.m. Wednesday.

Sources tell Boston 25 News that 54-year-old man carried out a violent assault on his 49-year-old girlfriend.

At one point, the woman reportedly escaped and ran to her neighbor’s house for help.

That neighbor said she opened her door to find a naked woman who was covered in blood.

“Her head was bashed in. She had a lot of gashes and blood on her face, head and leg,” said neighbor Debra Oblenes. “I think this world is going crazy.”

Debra Oblenes told Boston 25 News that she wrapped the woman in clothing and called 911.

“This gentleman would help anyone in the neighborhood. He helped us.  He was an electrician. We’re all shocked,” explained Oblenes.

Sources said the man who allegedly attacked the woman then attempted to seriously hurt himself. According to those sources, he used a knife.

He was taken from the home in an ambulance wearing handcuffs.

During the ordeal, a fire ignited in the basement. It’s still unclear how those flames started.

Lynn firefighters rushed to the home on the dead-end street and found what they called considerable smoke.

When they opened the back door, crews were greeted by an unexpected sight.

“We had a couple of pigs come out of the building. It’s something unusual you don’t see in Lynn. When they came out, it was like, whoa,” said Lynn District Fire Chief Arthur Richard.

Firefighters quickly put out the flames in the basement before the fire spread any further.

It took animal control officers hours to round up the pot-bellied pigs, which police said belong to the victim.

Sources told Boston 25 News that she had been living in her boyfriend’s home but was in the process of moving out.

They’re also investigating reports that the woman had recently filed a restraining order.

The couple is recovering at separate hospitals with what are believed to be non-life threatening injuries.

Their identities have not been released. Police said there will be charges pending against the man.