3 teens charged after shooting BB gun at man with autism

3 teens charged after shooting BB gun at man with autism

UXBRIDGE, Mass. — Police say they've arrested a man who shot at a man with autism and a police cruiser this week.

Samuel Patterson, 19, was arrested after police found the BB gun he used to shoot at an Uxbridge police cruiser and Matthew Conrad. Patterson has been charged alongside two juveniles for the incident that happened Thursday.

Police say a troubling Snapchat video and community tips led them to the teens.

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"I was very surprised and I'm happy that nightmare is over," said victim Matthew Conrad.

His mother, Lynn, says they've been inundated with phone calls, gifts sent to the police department and kind messages on social media since the Boston 25 News report.

"Even my neighbor came up this morning and said if Matt wants to walk and I'll walk with him anytime," said Lynn Conrad.

Matthew is also feeling much safer knowing that those three teens who he says scared him so badly, have been arrested.

Patterson has been charged with intimidation of a witness, disorderly conduct, assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, disturbing the peace, assault and battery on a disabled person and shooting a BB gun on a road. The minors will be charged separately through the juvenile system.

Lynn tells Boston 25 one of the teens called them to say he's sorry.

"He said, 'We didn't realize he was like that.' I said it doesn't matter that he's like that, that could be anybody walking down the street," said Lynn.

The town is now planning a community walk to stand with Matt and against what happened.