13-year-old boy who was hit by truck discharged from hospital on Thanksgiving eve

A family in Athol says they have a lot to be thankful for this Thanksgiving -- and it's not why you'd expect.

For Devone Fox, her 13-year-old son gets to come home from Franciscan Children's Hospital.

Javan Fox, 13, was struck by a truck three months ago while riding his bike, suffering severe head injuries and fractures to his face and spine.

Initially he was hooked up to a ventilator, but after a successful therapy run, he is able to breathe and walk on his own.

But most of all, he is able to spend Thanksgiving in the comfort of his home.

"Javan's short term memory is affected but Javan had to re-learn to walk. He had to re-learn how to communicate and initially when I told him that he needed to communicate in order to come home - that was one of his goal," said his mother. "That very same day he said his first sentence."