12-year-old boy violently assaults Southbridge man with baseball bat

SOUTHBRIDGE, Mass. - A Southbridge man was violently attacked by a 12-year-old boy with a baseball bat over the weekend, leaving the father of two with graphic injuries.

On Sunday night, Gary Anctil complained to a neighbor that her children had been defacing a local church with graffiti, thinking that bringing it to the mother's attention would get them to stop.

However, to Anctil's surprise, one of the kids, a 12-year-old boy, came after him with a baseball bat, beating him on the head.

Due to the recently signed criminal reform bill this past spring, Anctil's assailant wasn't arrested.

One of the provisions in the bill, signed by Governor Charlie Baker, raised the age of criminal responsibility from seven to 12.

"Twelve years old you can do this to a person and nothing can happen," said Anctil.

An adult convicted of assault and battery with a dangerous weapon could face a couple of years in prison, yet a juvenile may not risk getting that kind of sentence.

Anctil said the boy also attacked him when he least suspected, swinging at his head.

"He was on the top step and he said, 'Hey,'" said Anctil. "I turned around and that's when he swung in and caught me in the head.

Anctil says that what astonishes him the most is the fact that the boy wasn't arrested.

"You guys didn't arrest him?" said Anctil. "Well, no, a new law that passed [states that if you're] 12 years old and under nothing's going to happen to him, he'll get a slap on the hand, I'm like, 'Are you kidding?'"

In keeping with juvenile offender law, Southbridge Police issued a summons for the boy to appear in court on charges of assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, a felony. According to the law, the boy is being held responsible but was not arrested.

Anctil says his gash required dozens of stitches to close and adds he's having the symptoms of a concussion.