1 killed in tree accident on Wakefield property


WAKEFIELD, Mass. — One person has died in what Wakefield Police called a 'workplace accident' at a home on Greenwood Street Tuesday morning.

Sky 25 was over the scene where a massive tree appeared to have been cut down. The tree's upper branches appeared to have clipped the home on the property as it fell.

"Officers are working a scene involving a workplace accident in the area of Greenwood Street," Wakefield Police posted to social media. "There is no danger in the area. Please allow the officers on scene the freedom to conduct their investigation without interruption."

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Wakefield police say the 34-year-old man suffered traumatic injuries while working for an independent tree company. He was pronounced dead on the scene.

"I didn't know he was up there hurt," a man who witnessed the incident told reporters. He said the people were panicked asking for help. "They asked me if I could call 1-9-9 -- hello?"

The man who was killed has not yet been identified.

Police say the incident, which happened around 11 a.m. Tuesday morning, is under investigation.