'Think first before you post': Rutland officer's Facebook photo criticized

'Think first before you post': Rutland officer's Facebook photo criticized

RUTLAND, Mass. — The aunt of domestic violence victim Amanda Dabrowski is preparing to say her final goodbyes this weekend and while the family is grieving, controversy is growing online.

Amanda's cousin took to Facebook to voice her disgust that a Rutland Police Officer would post a selfie in front of the restaurant where Amanda was murdered not even a week ago.

The Facebook photo has people talking, whether they live in the small town of Rutland or not.

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"I just feel it's a little uncalled for and totally inappropriate," Worcester Resident Tim West told Boston 25 News.

It was screen-grabbed and re-posted by the cousin of domestic violence victim Amanda Dabrowski, who was allegedly murdered by her ex-boyfriend there on July 3.

The photo shows Rutland Police Sergeant Troy Chauvin, a 14-year veteran of the department, posing in front of O'Connor's Restaurant where Amanda was murdered, making some sort of hand gesture.

Amanda's cousin wrote: "Hey Rutland Police...isn't this your sergeant posting inappropriate pictures on Facebook...I don't think this is appropriate behavior for someone who is supposed to keep our community safe."

Sergeant Chauvin did not return calls from Boston 25 News Tuesday and there was no answer at his home.

"He needs to think first before you post, that's what this all comes down to," Worcester resident Tim West said.

Rutland's Police Chief would only say the department offers its sincerest condolences to the Dabrowski family.

The town administrator says Sgt. Chauvin has since issued a public apology and an apology to the family.

"We were informed by Sgt. Chauvin he did mean no offense to anyone by his post on his personal social media platform, but it's something we're looking into," Rutland Town Administrator Michael Nicholson told Boston 25 News.

Community members agree it was in poor taste, but don't think Chauvin should be fired.

"The problem is everyone's going to take it the way they want to take it. and I just think we're a little too sensitive about the situation. There's no way he should be fired," North Brookfield resident Daryl Furtado said.

Sgt Chauvin is still working while police conduct an internal investigation.