'The Rifleman' takes the stand once again in Salemme mob trial

BOSTON — In the mob trial of Cadillac Frank Salemme on Monday, the focus was on the credibility of the prosecution's star witness.

Salemme's former partner in crime, Stephen "The Rifleman" Flemmi, was on stand for the fourth straight day, testifying against his former friend and fellow mobster.

Boston 25 News was in court when Salemme's former partner essentially admitted he had lied under oath.

Salemme and his co-defendent Paul Weadick are charged with killed Steven DiSarro, a Westwood businessman who co-owned a South Boston nightclub with Salemme.

Felmmi claims he walked into Salemme's Sharon home just moments after DiSarro was strangled to death. However, in court on Monday, defesne attorneys suggested Flemmi was creating a story to help himself.

Defense Attorney William Crowe listed payments and gifts, including a diamond watch which Flemmi admitted to giving FBI agents.

Crowe: So you took these relationships with corrupt law enforcement very seriously, did you not?
Flemmi: Well, it kept us from getting arrested.
Crowe: And that was the name of the game, was it not? Staying on the street?
Flemmi: Yeah.

Crowe also called Flemmi an expert witness, who's testified more than a dozen times but never talked about DiSarro's death, - until now.

Crowe: You never told Mr. Connolly or any other agent about witnessing the murder of Steve DiSarro?
Flemmi: I never told anyone that I witnessed a murder, never! The only person I told was Jim Bulger.

Flemmi is expected to be excused on Tuesday.

The judge expressed to attorneys she wants the trial wrapped up in the next few days.