'Methadone Mile' residents arming themselves in fear of increasing violence

'Methadone Mile' residents arming themselves in fear of increasing violence

BOSTON — Neighbors living in the so-called "Methadone Mile" area of the City of Boston are taking steps as they fear for their safety more and more every day.

Many residents told Boston 25 News they are arming themselves up with mace and other items used for self-defense, "just in case".

A woman tells us she ordered mace online, which should be arriving in the mail any day. A number of residents said they have recently made the same purchase, saying you never know who you're going to run into when walking around your neighborhood.

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"It's the worst it's ever been," said one resident, who preferred to remain anonymous. "I'm Ubering from really close areas to get home just because I don't want anything to happen to me."

The community worries about their safety as no measures have been taken by the city to curb the issue.

"If you don't give them money they'll curse you out," said Maria Pagan, a South End resident. "It's not really safe."​​​​​​

Peter Madsen, who lives in the area, says the community feels uneasy as they now rely on constant police presence, which has left a lot of people feeling vulnerable.

"If they stop coming every half hour or hour, immediately it fills in," said Madsen. "People sense when it's easy and when it's hard, it needs continuous attention."

Residents have even armed themselves with pocket knives, not because they wish to harm anyone, but because they want some peace of mind and assurance while walking home.

"I haven't got any training, it's a point and shoot kind of thing," said Krystal Rohloff, a student who now carries mace around with her. "[I'm] as protected as I can be, whether or not I'm going to be effective using that is a different issue."