'Inhumane and disgusting': Pelham family at odds with neighbors over cat's death

PELHAM, N.H. — Instead of playing outside and running around their yard this weekend, a New Hampshire family says their cat is dead inside a box, and the family is blaming their neighbors for putting him there.

“They set a live trap in their yard, baited him and drowned him,” Anna Edgerly explained to Boston 25 News.

Edgerly said she called police this week after Link, her cat, disappeared. Edgerly said police told her that her next-door neighbor admitted to trapping and killing her cat.

The neighbors had accused Link of attacking and killing their chickens, Edgerly said and she believes they killed Link to get even.

“I’m beyond mad. I was literally shaking when the police called. I suspected them, I just never thought anyone would do anything like that,” she said.

Pelham police told us they’re investigating the allegations and are looking into possible charges. Boston 25 did try to speak with the Edgerly’s neighbors, but no one came to the door.

While knocking on the neighbor’s door, we noticed a trap near the walkway. It’s a smaller trap, but we could see a peanut left inside.

“They’re doing it to every animal in their yard. They have traps all over their yard,” Edgerly said. “Before I even knew they hurt my cat, I asked why there were so many live traps and she said for squirrels and chipmunks.”

Edgerly’s 15-year-old daughter, Olivia, is devastated.

“I just want to see them get in trouble for they’re doing. I think what they’re doing is in humane and disgusting,” Olivia said.

She told Boston 25 News she didn’t know how the two families could continue to live next to each other after this.

The Edgerlys have a couple of ducks, a dog and another cat. Right now, they’re making sure none of them leave their yard.

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