'I'm going to find you': Woman determined to retrieve stolen Halloween wreath

'I'm going to find you': Woman determined to retrieve stolen Halloween wreath

BOSTON — To some, it's just another holiday decoration, but to one local woman, stealing her Halloween wreath is personal.

Claudine Tahmin, a 21-year-old recent Northeastern graduate, is on a mission to find whoever stole her Halloween decoration right from her front door.

"The wreath is irreplaceable," said Tahmin. "It was right here and we had tied a string to the back of the door."

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Tahmin is unwilling to let go of the unsolved mystery, saying she's not wasting the police's time with this but instead launching an investigation of her own.

"The first 48 hours is what matters," said Tahmin. "I want it back. I was at work all day sad. I almost started crying."

Describing it as a direct hit to her favorite holiday, Tahmin says she's not bothered by someone stealing the item per se, but that it's the principle that matters.

The glitter bat wreath, worth about $30, is now sold out on Amazon.

"This is my first year having a job out of college so I bought a bunch of Halloween decorations," said Tahmin. "I was like, 'What would make me feel better is printing out a bunch of these fliers.'"

So, Tahmin did exactly that. She began by printing out 300 fliers and posting them everywhere in the neighborhood.

"Under windshields, in mail slots, handing them out to passer-bys, posting them wherever I thought would be a visible spot," said Tahmin. "I want them to at least feel ashamed for having done it."

On Tuesday, she went further and printed out 700 more fliers.

"I'm hoping that putting the fliers into the mail slots that people might have cameras," said Tahmin.

Tahmin says she's serious about delivering a message to the alleged thief who took her wreath.

"To the spineless (expletive) who took it," said Tahmin. "I'm going to find you and make you sorry."