• 'I got stabbed. I need help!': Teen calls 911 after stabbed by classmate


    WHITMAN, Mass. - Boston 25 News has obtained the 911 call a teenager in Whitman made after he was stabbed by a classmate

    The teen was stabbed in the abdomen with a knife Sunday night. Despite being injured and bloodied, he still managed to call 911 on his own. 

    Dispatcher: What’s the address at Belcher Drive? 
    Victim: Just the top of the street. I got [expletive] stabbed. I’m sorry. I need help. 
    Dispatcher: That’s ok. Belcher Drive in Whitman? 
    Victim: I got stabbed. I need help! 
    Dispatcher: Who stabbed you? 
    Victim: He’s running in the house. I’m telling you. Don’t ask questions. Please. 

    After a minute, the line goes dead, but the teen's friend who was with him called back. 

    Friend: My friend has been stabbed. 
    Dispatcher: Where was he stabbed?
    Friend: The bottom right part of his stomach. 
    Dispatcher: Is he conscious and alert?
    Friend: He is conscious. I’m talking to him right now. Nik, you all right?

    The dispatcher tries to assess the situation.

    Dispatcher: Is the knife still in him or is it out? 
    Friend: No. No. It’s out. 
    Friend: I’m applying pressure. I’m applying pressure. 
    Dispatcher: Is he lying down? 
    Friend: Yes. He is lying down. 
    Dispatcher: If the cloth becomes soaked, ok, you want to add more cloth, ok? 

    He then asks about the attacker. The 16-year-old lives in the home where the stabbing happened.

    Dispatcher: Any suspects still there?
    Friend: He’s inside.
    Dispatcher: He’s inside?  

    The victim's friend stayed on the line with the dispatcher for four minutes.

    Friend: Hurry up. Please just hurry up. 

    At last check, the teen who was stabbed is in fair condition at South Shore Hospital. Police arrested a 16-year-old suspect who is charged with assault to murder. 

    An argument over social media appears to have led to a violent attack. Both of the teens are students at Whitman-Hanson Regional High School and since they are juveniles, we are not identifying them. 

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