Tisbury Police helping residents prepare for hands-free driving law

Tisbury Police helping residents prepare for hands-free driving law
Stock photo of someone texting and driving. (Getty Images/Image Source)

TISBURY, Mass. — Tisbury Police are holding a weekly event to help residents get ready for the hands-free driving law that takes effect February 23.

The law bans drivers from touching an electronic device, except for a single swipe to activate hands-free mode. Phone calls are also forbidden unless drivers are utilizing technology like Bluetooth.

When Tisbury Police posted about the new law on Facebook, Mikael Jaycen commented and asked if the department could help people who are elderly and technology-challenged pair their phone with their car.

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Police loved the idea and turned it into a community event.

Starting January 23, police will be hosting “Pairing with the Police” every Thursday from 10 a.m. to 11 a.m. at the Tisbury Senior Center. Police will be on hand to help people pair their cell phone to their car. Not all cars have the function, but police will try to help anyone who has the option.

Anyone who has questions about the event cant contact Sergeant Sherman at msherman@tisburyma.gov.

A great suggestion from a Facebook fan turned into a community event! Thanks Mikael Jaycen! Comment received.

Posted by Tisbury Police Department on Thursday, January 9, 2020