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Keep the bells ringing for vulnerable communities

BOSTON — The Salvation Army helps more than 23 million Americans overcome poverty, hunger, addiction, and economic hardships through a range of social services each year.  

Nowhere is that more evident than communities right here in Massachusetts. More people are faced with asking for assistance to help keep food on the table, pay the rent or keep the heat or lights on.

Residents in Chelsea are reeling from the financial impact of the pandemic. The Salvation Army Corps Community Center’s food pantry went from serving 70 families a day there to 700 – lines now stretch down city blocks.

Local Corps Community Centers are serving up to 2,500 individuals a day who rely on them for their next meal.

In Lynn, The Salvation Army has gone from serving 60 families a day to 600 through their drive-thru food pantry. With the impact of illness, lost wages, and many having little-to-no savings, the need to serve the most vulnerable is greater than ever.

As community needs escalate during the holidays there will be fewer locations for Red Kettles and less foot-traffic, reducing The Salvation Army’s ability to raise vital funds by as much as 50%. 

To support the Salvation Army of Massachusetts’ Virtual Red Kettle campaign, click here. 82 cents of every dollar goes back to supporting local communities and those served by The Salvation Army.

Boston 25 is a proud media partner of The Red Kettle Campaign.